Everyone gather, the more the better.

Let me start by saying I think 311 fans are widely misunderstood. Friends of 311 fans and most people on the “outside” will call what we do and love an obsession. By “do” I mean travel from city to city following them on tour, saving our paychecks to afford the next 311 cruise or 311 Day and meeting up with strangers for the sake of our shared love for the music. I think 311 fans have passion and dedication which is often misunderstood as crazy or obsessed.

We love the music and what it stands for: positivity, unity and bringing people together. One of their most popular and quotable lyrics is from their song “Jupiter”: Stay positive and love your life. We celebrate the music and band by supporting them in all their endeavors whether it’s buying the new album or camping out in Florida in the August heat to hear them play “Transistor” in full.

During 311 Day 2010, I started a project that became much bigger than I expected. Being at Mandalay Bay with thousands of 311 fans, I realized how much unique 311 gear there was. I started to ask strangers if I could take a picture of their shirt which then led some to showing me their tattoos of 311 lyrics or the 311 logo. Thinking back on it now, it would have been a great social experiment. Some people were standoffish while others embraced it and conversations and stories flowed from there. I continued the project on the 311 Cruise (March 2011) where I met even more amazing fans. I hope to continue it this 311 Day and 311 Cruise.

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