311 Cruise: “Our Version of Paradise”

When people think of paradise they probably don’t think of an all ages cruise. With bands. And drinking. And drinking games. And more bands. And sleep…wellll, you needs sleep when you’re in this kind of paradise, right?

I mean sure you may have played flip cup before, but have you played it on a boat….in the Caribbean. Sure you’ve played basketball against the friends before but have you played against P-Nut…on a private island in the Bahamas. The 311 Cruise was anything but ordinary. 311 and Sixthman went out of their way to make this adventure one for the books. They had theme nights such as “Rep your roots” and “White Out Glo-Out” to beer tastings and jam sessions. Oh and did I forget to mention a dozen other bands and DJs there to play shows all day and night…every night.

I was lucky enough to attend 311 Day in Vegas this year where it wasn’t just the 1 night/5 hours of songs but 2 nights/6+hours and 80+ songs. I didn’t know how rocking out to 311 for 6 hours with some of the best fans could be topped but it was. The cruise has a different feeling of unity about it. Everyone is in one place together…not spread out over the Las Vegas Strip; scattered around until 311 takes stage. On the ship not only do you have 3,000 like-minded individuals but you have 3,000 new concert buddies to jam with for 4 days of music. You have 3,000 friends to float with and jump around with on the beach. All there  while you listen to Nick break it down the drums during “Down South” and P-Nut jam out from the top of a speaker. You aren’t going to find that in Vegas or any concert for that matter.

Nick always says as long you (the fans) keep showing up, they will keep playing. Well as long as they keep exuding awesomeness, I will be there…on the Lido Deck rocking out with the 311 Familia.

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