Music Festivals: The Hot, The Dusty and The Muddy.

**Just found in my drafts, written on August 10th, 2011. Fun to see how things have changed for the last couple years and some instances have not changed at all. I have now attended Bonnaroo 3 years in  a row–making the switch to an RV was key. Since this post I have also added another year of Lollapalooza, attended Coachella for the first time and shot my first festival in Alabama–Hangout Fest.   What can I say, not only do I love live music but love the experience a festival provides** It is no secret I like two things…no LOVE two things: music and concerts. Summer is heaven for music lovers like me because not only are bands going on their summer tours, playing at outdoor venues but there are the music festivals–whether it be for 1 day or 4 days. Being a Chicago resident I have attended Lollapalooza the last 2 years but I wanted to explore new fests. Last summer I was able to go to Denver Mile High and in the past have attended others like: Country Stampede, Wakarusa, Bleeding Kansas, Summerfest and Austin City Limits. This year I was determined to finally make it Bonnaroo ( To sum it up: it was an experience. It is located an hour outside of Nashville, TN on a 700-acre farm in Manchester. It feels more like moving in short-term than camping the way the campsites are broken into neighborhoods […]

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