Above & Beyond: Beyond the Acoustic


Do you ever leave one of those shows and think, “Wow…that was amazing. I will probably never see anything like that again.” No, just me? After seeing Above & Beyond at Red Rocks last summer (after already seeing them 3 times in the year leading up to it), I didn’t think it could be topped. And then A&B brought their acoustic tour to the Chicago Theatre. Everything changed. It was one of those shows that leaves you smiling ear to ear; that makes you feel like you are almost glowing. You know probably what brides feel after getting married, I’m sure.

The acoustic set pulled even more emotion into it than their songs already do–if you thought that was even possible. Slowing every song down to an even more beautiful tempo than before–packing powerful vocals from the likes of the already loved Zoe Johnston as well as Justine Suissa, Cobi and Natalie Holmes. People came dressed to the nines from all different states for what some dubbed, as “Trance Prom.” Above & Beyond has a way of bringing people together for the love of the music and meaning & heart they put into their songs and per usual they did not disappoint.

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