Gogol Bordello – 10 Year Anniversary Tour

I first discovered Gogol Bordello while shooting the Hangout Festival back in 2012. Even without knowing a single song, it was hard not to be attracted to their energy and what I call stage chaos. It was when I first discovered what Gypsy Punk was. At any given time there are at least 5-6, maybe 7-9, people on stage–beating their instrument with all their might, running laps around each other, engaging the crowd at all moments.

The Ukrainian-born frontman, Eugene Hütz, belts out songs and chants–sometimes in English, sometimes not. The language never makes a difference as the crowd is always attempting to chant along while never standing still on the floor or in their seats. Hütz’s energy cannot be contained and that reverberates through every member of the band. A head banging violinist, rocking accordion player, drum beating hype women–what’s not to love? They brought everything they had to the stage of the Metro to close out their 2-night Chicago stint on their Gypsy Punks: 10 year Anniversary tour.

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