Night of the first photo pass

In the midst of the ongoing job search I have tried to keep myself busy (outside of all the job searching). In doing new things I like to learn by experience and trying it myself–trial and error is my way and can either be my friend or enemy. Recently I have started to work on my concert photography which means bugging a lot of bands, managers and venue staff to help me obtain photo passes. So good so far I think, I am learning what of my equipment is suitable and what needs to be upgraded.

The first venue to give me the go ahead was Wicker Park’s very own Double Door (07/28/11). They had three acts set to play: Jane Thatcher (and the Pretty Pleases), Hands Off My Sister and Brad Cole. However…a couple songs into HOMS’ set the power goes out on parts of Damen. So I did not get to see Brad Cole perform but the crowd didn’t seem to mind the pitch black venue. Instead they started their own dance party with the light of cell phones and drums of HOMS. I certainly won’t forget the night of my first of photo pass.


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