Airborne Toxic Event: You live and you learn

Navigating a new venue can tend to be a challenge. I had never been to the Beaumont Club for a concert and if I had I probably would have done things a little differently. It is a smaller venue which in this case meant no photo pit aka no space in front of the stage free of concertgoers. It just meant being creative and trying to find a place in the venue with the best view of the stage.

However, I don’t see any sense in complaining…you live and you learn. That is also why a zoom lens can come in handy (and if you’re lucky, a lens with a f2.8 aperture option). Despite it all I was able to get some decent shots in and squeezed my way to the stage in time to get some close ups. I have certainly learned my lesson: know the venue and prepare accordingly.

I missed The Drowning Men but Mona ( and Airborne Toxic Event ( put on a great show. I’ve seen ATE once before at Lollapalooza and they never cease to amaze me. The band is multi-talented when it comes to not only singing but playing instruments. Between the span of just 3 songs, the same guy played 3 different instruments. They are very talented and I recommend you see them if you ever have a chance.

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